6 June 2017 / Komunikat w sprawie wcześniejszego wykupu części obligacji serii C

W związku z realizowaną procedurą wcześniejszego wykupu 7.000 obligacji serii C Medort S.A. („Emitent”), na podstawie uchwały Zarządu Emitenta nr 3/05/2017 z dnia 24 maja 2017 roku oraz warunków...

17 May 2017 / Zmiana warunków emisji obligacji serii C i D

W nawiązaniu do raportu bieżącego nr 3/2017 i odbytych w dniu 17 maja 2017 r. Zgromadzeń Obligatariuszy obligacji serii C i obligacji serii D, Zarząd Medort S.A. informuje o...

3 August 2016 / Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy – Medort w Forbes

Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy.         Medort wyrasta na czołowego producenta sprzętu rehabilitacyjnego na Starym Kontynencie. Firma stworzona przez lekarza ortopedę korzysta na starzeniu się zachodnioeuropejskich społeczeństw i modzie...

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13 April 2016

In April of 2016. Medort Group completed the acquisition of the German company Richter Reha Technik GmbH based in Thurnau in Germany (

25 June 2014

Record year for the Medort

2013 Year was a record period for the Medort Group. The manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic rehabilitation equipment from Lodz ended the year with net income at the level of 123.6 mln zł (up 37 percent. y/y). Also significantly improved … Read more

10 June 2014

Meyra CUP 2014 – Started basketball tournament players in wheelchairs in Vejle, Denmark

June 6th, 2014 – It was a good day for all sport of wheelchair basketball. Six teams started the rivalry on the court, and their objective will be the grand finale in Hanover. Three teams from Germany and three from … Read more

5 May 2014

The possible debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2015

Even in 2014 Medort take a decision on the public offering of shares worth tens of millions of euros – said Michael Perner , vice president of the company. The possible debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange is planned in … Read more

5 May 2014

The company finalize another acquisition, strengthens the position of the leading manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment in Europe

Medort – manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment, completed the acquisition of subsidiaries Meyra Orthopedics Group operating in the Czech Republic, Russia and Hungary. In the coming days to join the group Medort – Danish Meyra. The Board’s think that, acquisitions carried out already in 2014 consolidated … Read more

13 December 2013

Medort awarded in the contest “Polish company – International Champion”

5th December 2013 – Medort received an honorable mention in the second edition of the “Polish company – International Champion” competition, organized by PwC under the auspices of the “Polish Champion” and in collaboration with an analytical ThinkTank. The award was … Read more

4 December 2013

Medort recived acces to EBI

The Board of Medort inform that on 28 th November 2013, the Company received from the Stock Exchange in Warsaw  Access to Electronic Information Base (EIB). Therefore, the Company will commence passing current and periodic information via the EIB

5 November 2013

Acquisition of Meyra Orthopedia GmbH – leader of sales of rehabilitation products in Germany

Medort steadily expanding influence in other European countries . After a significant acquisition in Hungary and dynamic sales growth in the Russian markets , the company completed the acquisition of Meyra Orthopedia GmbH – leader of sales of rehabilitation products … Read more

14 June 2013

Medort awarded the medal “The Infosys Business of the Year Award”

On the 6th of June in Istanbul was the final of the prestigious European Business Awards for the most innovative, ethical and dynamic companies in Europe. Among the winners was also the Medort, that won a medal in the category … Read more

5 April 2013

Mtb Poland has just started production of active wheelchairs

MTB Poland sp z o.o. is a part of the Group Medort, responsible for the active wheelchairs production. Active wheelchairs complete the niche in the product range of the Group. The new factory was opened in January 2013 and the … Read more