6 June 2017 / Komunikat w sprawie wcześniejszego wykupu części obligacji serii C

W związku z realizowaną procedurą wcześniejszego wykupu 7.000 obligacji serii C Medort S.A. („Emitent”), na podstawie uchwały Zarządu Emitenta nr 3/05/2017 z dnia 24 maja 2017 roku oraz warunków...

17 May 2017 / Zmiana warunków emisji obligacji serii C i D

W nawiązaniu do raportu bieżącego nr 3/2017 i odbytych w dniu 17 maja 2017 r. Zgromadzeń Obligatariuszy obligacji serii C i obligacji serii D, Zarząd Medort S.A. informuje o...

3 August 2016 / Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy – Medort w Forbes

Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy.         Medort wyrasta na czołowego producenta sprzętu rehabilitacyjnego na Starym Kontynencie. Firma stworzona przez lekarza ortopedę korzysta na starzeniu się zachodnioeuropejskich społeczeństw i modzie...

Our brands


MEYRA is one of the world's most famous manufacturers of wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment.
Products Meyra help people with disabilities in their daily lives, at home, on the road, during rehabilitation or sports.
MEYRA over 75 years combines knowledge, commitment and a strong brand - offer to customers professional medical solutions.


ViteaCare is dedicated to rehabilitation equipment for people with limited mobility. ViteaCare raises very day life quality due to both proven solutions and innovative products. Product portfolio includes: prophylactic and treatment of bedsores, wheelchairs, toilet and support products for adults and some products dedicated for children, and group of products to help people to vericalize – stand in upright position.


Qmed includes comprehensive orthotic solutions for spinal cord, trunk and upper or lower limbs. Qmed supports effective treatment of various motoric system dysfunctions. All products ensures proper comfort, functionality and are fully safe. Qmed products have also good visual design and can fit different sizes.

Different lines of products are dedicated to different needs:

Active Line – awarded for innovation, durable, very good looking line made of high quality yarns.
Silver Line – wide, very functional made of neoprene range of product.
Qmed Life- a new line with compression products and basic orthotic solution.


Memo is patented, dynamic diagnostic system for posture dysfunctions among children. System consist of shoes with diagnostic sole and corrective inserts. Memo ensures full application comfort and correct development of children feet due to unique prophylactic and therapeutic features. Memo is highly valuated by parents and recommended by medical professionals.


Inflex is a group of advanced foot care products. It includes prophylactic silicon products, insoles and splints.


Mtb is a brand of active wheelchairs. These products stand out in the market high quality and advanced technology solutions applied.