6 June 2017 / Komunikat w sprawie wcześniejszego wykupu części obligacji serii C

W związku z realizowaną procedurą wcześniejszego wykupu 7.000 obligacji serii C Medort S.A. („Emitent”), na podstawie uchwały Zarządu Emitenta nr 3/05/2017 z dnia 24 maja 2017 roku oraz warunków...

17 May 2017 / Zmiana warunków emisji obligacji serii C i D

W nawiązaniu do raportu bieżącego nr 3/2017 i odbytych w dniu 17 maja 2017 r. Zgromadzeń Obligatariuszy obligacji serii C i obligacji serii D, Zarząd Medort S.A. informuje o...

3 August 2016 / Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy – Medort w Forbes

Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy.         Medort wyrasta na czołowego producenta sprzętu rehabilitacyjnego na Starym Kontynencie. Firma stworzona przez lekarza ortopedę korzysta na starzeniu się zachodnioeuropejskich społeczeństw i modzie...


Medort is a major distributor of European market for orthopedic rehabilitation equipment as well as the leader of the Polish and Hungarian market rehabilitation.

We manufacture, wholesale and retail:

  • non-invasive orthopedic products,
  • rehabilitation products,
  • children prophylactic shoes.

We wholesale our own products but also represent other world famous brands to nearly 85% of independent retailers nationwide and retail through over 60 own and partner outlets in Poland. In Hungary we sell to over 30 franchise workshops and provide external retailers. In Russia we run two wholesale companies. We will even strengthen our position on those markets by additional investments in coming months. At the same time, the company intends to actively pursue sales growth also in the markets of Western Europe, realized through the acquisition of operating in this market manufacturers and distributors.

Board of Executive Directors

Mariusz Smela – President of the Board Medort S.A. Many years of experience in the rehabilitation and orthotic equipment market on the managerial positions. In 1996, he joined Medort as a Distribution Manager, and since 1998 he was the Managing Director of MDH Sp. o.o., and later since 2002 – the Plenipotentiary of the Management Board in Medort S.A. Since 2009, as President of the Board, Medort S.A. He is responsible for the development of wholesale companies on the Central and Eastern European market and retail activity in Poland under the brand Life +. He actively participates in the restructuring projects of the companies that join the Capital Group within the framework of the acquisition strategy. He manages the legal part of Medort Group’s activities.

Michał Perner – Executive vice president in Medort. S.A. Michal graduated from PWSBiA in Warsaw at Administration and International Affair department. We started his career in Medort in 1996. He was a Managing Director in Ortocentrum Sp. z o.o. between 2000 and 2002. In 2003 he was promoted to position of board representative in Medort S.A. and in 2006 Michal was Managing Director of Doktor Perner Sp. z o.o. and since the beginning of January has been an Executive Officer in Medort.

Paweł Robak – Chief Financial Officer of Medort. Pawel graduated from Poznań Economy Univeristy. He started his career in Medort in 2009. Between 1998 and 2003 we worked for Huta Aluminium “Konin” S.A., and between 2003- 2005 in Wielkopolskie Fabryki Mebli S.A. Then for Instal Poznań S.A. and finally for IPE Sp. z o.o. between 2005 and 2007. Between 2007 and 2009 Pawel worked for KRI S.A. (PBG Group) as director in finance department.

Tadeusz Piotr Baczyński – Member of the Board. He has many years of experience in the ortho-reha management positions, including the position of Head of Sales and Marketing, Sales Director and Managing Director of MDH Sp. o.o. In 2014 acting as a Member of the Board Medort SA, is engaged in development of wholesale trade in Europe and sourcing projects.

Supervisory board

Robert Więcławski Chairman of the Supervisory Board Medort SA., a Partner of AVALLON MBO FUND. The Vice-President of the Management Board of AVALLON Sp. z o.o. – a company administering private equity funds – since 2006; a Member of the Management Board of AVALLON MBO S.A. – a company investing in management buyouts; a Member of the Investment Committee of AVALLON MBO FUND. A graduate of the University of Lodz, Faculty of Economy and Sociology; the holder of an MBA (Leon Kozminski University in Warsaw – 2001).

Tomasz Stamirowski– Member of the Supervisory Board Medort SA., a Senior Partner of AVALLON MBO FUND. The President of the Management Board of AVALLON Sp. z o.o. – a company administering private equity funds – since 2001; since 2004 – the President of the Management Board of AVALLON MBO S.A. – an investment fund. A graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the University of Lodz and the Faculty of Management at the University of Grenoble (France).

Piotr Miller – Member of the Supervisory Board Medort SA., a partner at AVALLON MBO; a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Lodz; a lawyer. In 1995-1999, Piotr Miller worked as an attorney for Grupa Zarządzająca Łódź – a PBG Bank S.A. investment company. He acquired his experience on the private equity market at Copernicus Capital Partners – a company administering private equity funds in Poland and in the Balkans, as well as NFI Octavia and Piast funds. He was the President of the management board of NFI Piast S.A.

Barbara Perner – Member of the Supervisory Board Medort SA., shareholder. Graduated from Lodz Institute of Technology, at Land Construction. In 1988 founded Medort together with husband Dr. Ryszard Tomasz Perner. Until January 2009 CEO of Medort S.A.

Mariusz Stępień – Member of the Supervisory Board Medort SA. CEO of Marmed hearing care and Marmed Healthcare Sp. z o.o . He is former owner and CEO of Marmed Sp. z o.o and currently a shareholder of Medort SA. In 1989, the founder and owner of Marmed that after five years, becoming the largest chain of medical stores in Southern Poland. When connected to the SSO Medort Sp. z o.o., Chairman of the Board, shareholder and member of the Supervisory Board of the Life Plus medical stores.