6 June 2017 / Komunikat w sprawie wcześniejszego wykupu części obligacji serii C

W związku z realizowaną procedurą wcześniejszego wykupu 7.000 obligacji serii C Medort S.A. („Emitent”), na podstawie uchwały Zarządu Emitenta nr 3/05/2017 z dnia 24 maja 2017 roku oraz warunków...

17 May 2017 / Zmiana warunków emisji obligacji serii C i D

W nawiązaniu do raportu bieżącego nr 3/2017 i odbytych w dniu 17 maja 2017 r. Zgromadzeń Obligatariuszy obligacji serii C i obligacji serii D, Zarząd Medort S.A. informuje o...

3 August 2016 / Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy – Medort w Forbes

Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy.         Medort wyrasta na czołowego producenta sprzętu rehabilitacyjnego na Starym Kontynencie. Firma stworzona przez lekarza ortopedę korzysta na starzeniu się zachodnioeuropejskich społeczeństw i modzie...

Medort Group

MEYRA Ortopedia

Meyra Orthopedics is a leader in the sales of rehabilitation products in Germany. Meyra is a global brand of products, associated with excellent quality wheelchairs for children, adults, including with electric drive. The Meyra GmbH company, is located in the northwestern Germany. The modern Kalletal plant manufactures the most advanced rehabilitation products. Meyra, with its 10% market share, is the leader in the sales of the rehabilitation equipment on the German market. At the same time, its products are exported to the majority of countries within the EU and 62 countries in total. Meyra’s offer includes a variety of wheelchairs (active, sports, or classic, dedicated to different groups of users), electric wheelchairs and scooters, accessory rehabilitation equipment, and brand-name orthopedic products.


MDH with its long history became a leader of Polish market in manufacturing and wholesaling of orthotic, rehabilitation products and prophylactic shoes. It distributes many world famous brands on exclusive basis. The MDH company, located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Łódź. MDH supplies products through the wholesale distribution channel to more than 1000 external medical shops in Poland. The production takes place in two plants, both located in Łódź. One of them operates in the SEZ and manufactures MEMO corrective shoes for children, orthotic equipment, and rehabilitation products. The other plant specializes in the production of lightweight wheelchairs for active users. It is located in the southern part of Łódź and managed by the MTB Poland subsidiary company. All production plants meet quality standards, such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004, and PN-N-18001: 2004.


Life+ is a Group of companies under one retail brand. Group consists of several companies, like: Life Care, Ortomedic, Nasze Zdrowie, Libran, LifePoint. Due to comprehensive solution offer and nationwide coverage, Life+ is currently a leader in medical devices range of products and the widest network this type in Poland. Life+ shops offer w whole range of medical, rehabilitation, fitness, incontinence, ostomy products as well as some rental services in selected outlets. Network has now over 60 shops with qualified consultants and medical representatives acting outside the shops, directly with medical professionals.

Marmed Healthcare

The company produces natural cosmetics called DROP HEALTH, dedicated to medical segment - Medical Line with nanosilver, and exclusive toiletries with Argan - LINE ECO GOLD LINE.
The same time company operating of HEALT CLUB program but also supporting our retail activites.

Rehab Zrt.

Hungarian distributor and manufacturer of rehabilitation and orthopedic equipment. Company was founded in 1915 and is a Franchisor for companies with 30 locations in whole Hungary. After acquisition by Medort a headquarter has been moved to a new logistic part at Budapest suburbs and new products were implemented. Company sponsors a Hungarian Fencing Paralympic Team.

Medort RU

Company responsible for both wholesaling and coordination of Medort activity at the territory of Russian Federation. Medort RU will be a center for further acquisitions in Russia.