6 June 2017 / Komunikat w sprawie wcześniejszego wykupu części obligacji serii C

W związku z realizowaną procedurą wcześniejszego wykupu 7.000 obligacji serii C Medort S.A. („Emitent”), na podstawie uchwały Zarządu Emitenta nr 3/05/2017 z dnia 24 maja 2017 roku oraz warunków...

17 May 2017 / Zmiana warunków emisji obligacji serii C i D

W nawiązaniu do raportu bieżącego nr 3/2017 i odbytych w dniu 17 maja 2017 r. Zgromadzeń Obligatariuszy obligacji serii C i obligacji serii D, Zarząd Medort S.A. informuje o...

3 August 2016 / Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy – Medort w Forbes

Łódzki ortopeda przejmuje niemieckie firmy.         Medort wyrasta na czołowego producenta sprzętu rehabilitacyjnego na Starym Kontynencie. Firma stworzona przez lekarza ortopedę korzysta na starzeniu się zachodnioeuropejskich społeczeństw i modzie...

Periodic reports

Periodic reports


Dear Sir/Madam

      The year 2014 was groundbreaking for the Medort group of companies. While pursuing our development strategy, we strengthened the position of the Meyra brand on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. At the same time, we implemented measures to support sales in companies in the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary and Denmark that we acquired at the beginning of the year. The product range of those companies was adjusted to local market needs, making it more attractive to new potential clients. Today we are proud of our achieved results, especially of the spectacular growth in revenue and margins.

      Medort Group is an organization that has a huge influence on the European medical market. Due to many years’ experience, we successfully manage the business on an international scale, providing innovative health solutions for patients with mobility problems. Each year, our R&D departments situated in Germany and Poland design and launch new product solutions which conquer global markets.

       At present, Medort is in a position that allows us to deliver innovative technology to patients on the one hand, while pursuing new acquisitions on the global market on the other. While fulfilling our mission we are proud to be able to help patients in their rehabilitation and full recovery. At the same time we are developing our business dynamically and influencing the directions of development of the global medical market.

President of the Board

Mariusz Smela

Vice-President of the Board

Michał Perner

Board Member

 Paweł Robak

Board Member

Tadeusz Baczyński